Dissociating – A Poem

I wrote this poem to describe what it’s like to dissociate (WordPress is not letting me space it correctly):

I don’t feel right.

Something inside of me.

It’s not there.

I’m not with it.

But that’s a good thing.

Because the pain is not there.

It doesn’t hurt anymore.

Finally I’m free.

But I’m not there.

I’m not in my body,

I’m just somewhere.

People are talking.

I can hear them.

I can respond.

I tell them I’m not okay.

I don’t know what to say.

I’ll come back someday.

Maybe tonight,

But not today.

3 thoughts on “Dissociating – A Poem

  1. I’m sorry you have to dissociate, but I’m really glad you know what’s happening, when it happens…and you know you’ll be back. Someday, when it’s safe, maybe you won’t need the safety of dissociation. I think the key is that you’re aware of it, and you’re working through it while you’re still young. Good work!


    • Usually I’m only aware of it if someone tells me. Sometimes I tell myself I’m not feeling well and then realize it. I was actually feeling okay when I wrote that. It happens once a week (depending on the week). Sometimes I know, sometimes I don’t. It’s just an annoying feeling, you know?

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