Lots Happening!

It’s been five years. A lot has happened in five years. Major things. I got married! I started dating a guy shortly after I left my ex. Turns out he was the one. I’d known him long before I met my abuser and he was there for me through thick and thin, as I was for him. He is my soulmate. We have our struggles, but it’s mostly because of my past and we are working on it.

I never went back to college, but maybe I will one day. I did however get a decent job. Thus I was able to afford the best thing ever: my furchild! I recently got a miniature poodle. He’s a retired akc champion show stud dog. He’s my little love bug and is currently snuggling in my lap.

I moved out of my parents house and live with my husband and dog. We have this little place we call home. It’s a wonderful thing to call it that.

I still have my daily struggles, and am still in therapy, but life is better. I hope that every survivor has their happily ever after.

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