I was born to gallop

I haven’t been on much lately because I have gotten back into horseback riding. I found my cure for stress – horses.  I love horses. I can be having the worst day and everything will be better. I am now riding 3 days a week and am leasing a horse.  I love him so much and he is the sweetest boy.  I’m never sad or dissociating around him.  My trainer said “Don’t add onto his stress.” I know now, that no matter what kind of day I’m having, I will never add onto the horse’s stress.  When an artist is depressed and they go to paint all their sadness go away. When I ride, all my fears and stress go away.  I’m happy to say that I have found my cure of this pain.  I was born to gallop.

This is my horse:



There is one thing I love most: horseback riding. I would tell him how much I loved horses. At first he sighed and said, “I’ll get you one MAYBE.”  I rode less and less.  I lost interest in my favorite activity because of him.

During the summer time, I started riding more. I remember one day I showed him a picture of a horse on a couch in a house. I said I would love to have a horse like that! His response, “It’s me or the horse. You choose. Better choose right.” I said the horse.

At that point, I started getting hurt more.  I withdrew from riding because he told me I couldn’t ride. I had to be with him and give all my time and energy to him.  I got depressed. I think I was more horse deprived than anything.  I didn’t ride for a full year. And apparently

This summer marked a year since I rode.  I told myself that I will not let him control what I love.  I got back on the horse! Now I ride mostly every week and plan to half-lease a horse in the fall! I am taking baby steps and horses have helped me through my roughest time. They sense my nervousness. I have to calm down in order to ride well and I do calm.

I love horses no matter what people tell me. Always have always will!