This is still a work in progress. If you know of any links, please let me know!


Networks and Hotlines  – The national website for abuse. The online hotline for help. (crisis)  The national website and hotline for depression and suicide. (crisis)

(United States) The United States resources hotline. (crisis)

(International) The International resources hotline. (crisis)

Reporting Information about reporting Legal information for Domestic Violence and sexual assault. Information on safety planning such as leaving, reporting, and legal information

Causes and Awareness The men’s walk to stop sexual violence. A play and event to stop sexual violence. Domestic Violence campaign for teens. Awareness and information for Domestic Violence

Forums – A forum for all types of sexual violence and rape.

Resources Grounding techniques and a description of grounding for feeling overwhelmed. Support and resources for Domestic Violence. Support for survivors of Sexual Assault. A website to find shelters. Information about healthy relationships. A website containing warning signs of abuse. Knowing whether you’re in a healthy relationship A website for information about Domestic Violence. A website for protecting yourself in an abusive relationship. A website about trauma. Signs you’re dating a psychopath.

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